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Being able to reverse safely has nothing to do with being a good driver or a bad driver. Often vehicles have frost on them or condensation, making vsibility impossible. Poor visibility at night is another common cause of accidents

Modern design on new vehicles also makes it very difficult to gauge just how close you are to an object.

Xvision makes it possible to judge the distance from any object down to a distance of 30cms,back or front.

Xvision makes it possible to park and manouevre in the tightest of spaces with ease.

Please take a minute to view the safety films on this page to see why it makes absolute sense from a financial and safety point of view to have Xvision fitted to your vehicle.



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How does it work?

As soon as you select reverse gear the Xvision unit is powered up. There is no sound until an object comes within range (1.4 metres). At this point the unit emits a beeping sound.

As you move backwards the sound increases in frequency until you are within 30cms. At this point the sound becomes a constant tone.

It's As Easy As That!

Commercial vehicles

Please read the paragraph below and play the safety film. You will see why it makes absolute sense from a financial and safety point of view to have Xvision fitted to all your vehicles.

All drivers are legally responsible for making certain that they have taken every precaution to cover any blind spots when reversing. Regulations require you to use a trained person to guide you when reversing or to install a reversing aid such as Xvision.

All companies are responsible for and have a legal obligator to ensure that any vehicles visiting their premises have taken every precaution necessary to cover any blind spots.

You can rely on Xvision

Xvision has heavy duty sensors for most light commercial vehicles. They have adjustable sensors for vehicles with rear spare wheel or towbars.

Xvision comes in audible versions (buzzer) or audible and visual versions. The display system can be fitted front or rear to give the driver a visual and audio warning of any impending danger.

3 Years Warranty (parts only)

Xvision is only available through authorised installers.
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